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If You Drink, You Can Still be Merry


If you haven’t already heard, it’s the holiday season. We have already finished carving the turkeys and stuffing our stockings, but the holiday partying never seems to end. When we say “partying”, we mean eating, drinking, and being merry. Although all of these things sound like the regular holiday traditions, the holidays can also create holiday drinking trends that are hard to escape. Some people believe that the most dangerous time of year for drinking is during the summer, but the holidays are one of the most vulnerable times of year.

Thanksgiving eve is the unofficial start of the holiday drinking period, and that means it is one of the top drunk-driving nights of the year in some areas. This means it is actually a heavier drinking day than New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day in many places. Some shrug and say that is for college students or larger urban areas, but holiday drunk-driving can impact anyone. Around the holidays, drivers must be alert and remain aware of others around them. Highway accidents related to alcohol increases significantly around this time of year. Highway accidents rise by 40% around the entire holiday season while the New Year’s Holiday increases by 58%.

With this information, you can know that you are not alone. Thousands of people will be involved in an alcohol related accident or be charged with a DUI, so this just one road block in your life. Before going out, look for checkpoints in your area. Also, plan ahead by designating a driver for the evening. If you are charged with a DUI and need a lawyer, find a defense attorney that is highly experienced. You can have the right lawyer on your side to combat this.

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