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“My B.A.C.” Program Seeks to Prevent California DUIs


The San Diego Police Department sought to prevent drunk driving this past weekend by providing bargoers a chance to take a breathalyzer reading without any consequences, as hard as that is to believe. 



In an outreach program entitled “My B.A.C.,” which is part of the California Office of Traffic Safety’s (OST) Know Your Limits Program, the San Diego Police Department offered a breathalyzer reading to bargoers in one of San Diego’s drinking hot spots, Pacific Beach.  


The objective was to reduce drunk driving and California DUIs by informing people of what their blood alcohol was before they got into their vehicles. Additionally, the program was intended to remind people that they cannot estimate their blood alcohol content after drinking. 


CBS8 coverage on the “My B.A.C.” program included on-scene reporting which showed a participant who believed he was only at the legal limit of 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. The participant was shocked to discover that he was more than twice the legal limit. 


To add impact to their message, the participating officers included a crushed vehicle to the backdrop of their operation to remind passerbys of the consequences of driving drunk. 


If the participating officers were true to their word in keeping the program consequence free, I’ll give them rare, but deserved credit. 



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