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DUI Leads to a 106 Year License Suspension


There’s a new world record for the length of a license suspension. Fortunately it occurred 6,083 miles away in Perm, Russia.

Traffic police in the city of Perm, located in Russia’s Urals, noticed a vehicle suspiciously driving away from a checkpoint. As it turned out, the man was driving drunk. He had been caught driving drunk and had his license suspended on several prior occasions.

The new record is not far past second place and some honorable mentions. There are about ten people in the region whose driving licenses have been suspended for drunk driving. The lengths of their suspensions range from 80 to 102 years.

“There are some people whose licenses have been suspended for 100, 102 years, for 106, i.e. the person’s driving license suspended for life for DUI. What would stop him from getting behind the wheel while drunk? Before that there was at least something he was afraid of,” head of regional traffic police, Oleg Churkin, said during a press conference.

Until recently, drivers in Russia could not have any alcohol in their system to be arrested on a DUI. In June of 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted the zero-tolerance policy for driving drunk allowing for a BAC level of 0.035 percent.

A California DUI arrest triggers a DMV administrative per se (APS) hearing to determine if the driver drove with a BOC of 0.08 percent or more. Lose the hearing and face a license suspension of four months.

California courts and the California DMV are independent of one another. A California DUI conviction in court will trigger a six-month suspension.

The APS suspension for a second-time DUI will trigger a one-year suspension. If a person is convicted of a second-time California DUI, they face a two-year suspension.

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