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BeMyDD App Seeks to Prevent DUIs


One of the major downsides to Lyft, Uber, or a taxi after a night of drinking is having to get your car the next morning. A new smartphone app hopes to eliminate that inconvenience as well as prevent drunk driving this holiday season.

The new app, called BeMyDD, is a pick-up service for people who have driven to a location, but do not want to drive back. BeMyDD will send two professional drivers where one will be dropped off at your location to drive you and your car home.

The company charges $25 plus mileage fees for the service. If a person wants a driver to take them to and from their destination, the company charges $14 to $19.50 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

“Between unpredictable prices and unprofessional drivers, the working professional and luxury set would rather rent a professional driver to drive their own cars for an important night on the town,” said BeMyDD in a release.

Currently, BeMyDD is only available in Chicago. If successful, I don’t think many (other than transportation competitors) will have a problem with another alternative to driving home drunk in their local areas.

“BeMyDD provides a socially responsible service year round, but with the spike in alcohol-related car accidents and fatalities during the holiday period, we wanted to do something special to help make the roads safer over the next few weeks,” said Arthur Simanovsky, president and CEO of BeMyDD.

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