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The Consequences Of A Dui Conviction


I’ve written in the past about the severe consequences of a DUI conviction — consequences far beyond the immediate fines, suspended driver’s licenses, schools, ignition interlocks and jail terms.  See, for example, What Does a DUI Cost?.  In most states, a first-offense misdemeanor DUI can have more serious repercussions than many felonies — and in the long run, more….far more.  

The following comments posted on this blog by a reader are illustrative:

A DUI is like a cancer, as is mentioned in Mr. Taylor’s web site. Like he wrote, it’s expensive to fight a DUI, but the alternative is scary. I’ll add that it is like a cancer for another reason — the penalties are so far reaching and numerous that, still, 3 years after my DUI conviction (I pleaded guilty, not knowing what I was in for) I am still finding ever more ways how that DUI will and is affecting my life. Even someone with advanced spreadsheet skills would have a tough time creating a spreadsheet that would completely illustrate the penalties of a DUI from the MVD, the court, your insurance company, your professional licensing organization (mine was nursing), your employer (if you’re lucky enough to keep your job), local and state and federal government agencies and benefits, schools, the ignition interlock company, and the list so far, in my case, continues to grow. Like a cancer… 

Listen GOOD: a DUI will ruin your life, slowly, but surely. If you have to sell your soul to the devil himself, FIGHT YOUR DUI LIKE HELL, because the alternative is a LIFE of HELL.

As a DUI defense attorney, I suppose this is self-serving, but…If you are ever arrested for drunk driving, find the most qualified DUI lawyer you can — one specialized in DUI defense with extensive experience and a sterling reputation in the field.  (For guidance in finding a good DUI lawyer, see one of the FAQs on my website, What will a good DUI attorney cost?)

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