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Good Friend or Kidnapper?


Witnesses in San Diego reported the latter. But what really was it? It was someone taking the phrase “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” all too literally.

Witnesses on Friday, September 7th called 911 and reported that he saw two people bind and tie up a victim with packing tape and throw him in the back of an SUV. According to the witnesses, the victim was struggling the entire time. The caller followed the SUV, directing law enforcement to its location.

Believing they were responding to a kidnapping in progress, a dozen officers responded to the scene. They found the victim in the back of the SUV, wrapped with packing tape including around his head. The victim allegedly did not immediately cooperate with the officers. The victim’s girlfriend was arrested after undergoing field sobriety tests. Another third passenger was not arrested.

San Diego’s 10News was unclear as to who reported it, but apparently other witnesses said that the “victim’s” friends had wrapped him in packing tape to keep him from driving drunk. Police are currently investigating the possibility of mistaken kidnapping.

If it was to prevent someone from driving drunk, I applaud the intention. However…

It would have sufficed to tape his hands, if you’re going to use tape at all. Don’t wrap his head. And why resort to kidnapping or false imprisonment? You might as well have slashed his tires to keep him from driving his car, which would have prompted a vandalism investigation instead of kidnapping.

Next time just take his keys away or call a cab.

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