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DUI Roadblock: 240 Sober Drivers, 1 DUI Bicyclist


So I’ve posted repeatedly in the past about the pointlessness (not to mention questionable constitutionality) of DUI roadblocks (aka "sobriety checkpoints").  See, for example, Do DUI Roadblocks Work?, Do DUI Roadblocks Work? (Part 2),  Are DUI Roadblocks Constitutional?.  And I’ve commented on the ridiculous extents to which cops will go to find a "DUI".  See, for example, DUI in a Wheelchair?, DUI on a Horse? and DUI on a Lawn Mower.

In today’s news, we have both….

Bicyclist Arrested on Suspicion of Riding Under the Influence

Red Bluff, CA.  Sept. 22 — A man was arrested after he was found to be riding a bicycle while impaired, police said.

The arrest came during a sobriety checkpoint held Friday in Red Bluff, said officers with the Red Bluff Police Department. They said Christopher Pence, 30, of Paradise, rode his bike into the checkpoint area. Officers said they stopped him because he didn’t have a headlight on his bike, as required by law.

Police said Pence appeared intoxicated and was arrested on suspicion of riding a bicycle while under the influence.

About 240 drivers were also screened between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. One man was issued a citation for an outstanding warrant from Butte County. Two others were issued citations for driving with a suspended license, and two other drivers were driving with expired licenses.

Another successful DUI roadblock:  240 drivers stopped…no DUIs — but they made the world safe from one tipsy bicyclist!

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