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Bartender Crafted, Non-Alcoholic “Drinks”


The California Office of Traffic Safety is using the social media to promote a new campaign to combat drunk driving. Well, let me rephrase that. The California Office of Traffic Safety is using the social media to support and encourage designated drivers.

Many of you out there have been the designated driver before. It’s not always the best time. What’s worse is that while your friends are enjoying the creative alcoholic concoctions of bartenders, you’re stuck with a soda or water. Not anymore.

The California Office of Traffic Safety’s Facebook and Twitter pages feature monthly non-alcoholic artisanal drinks, appropriately dubbed “DDrinks.” These drinks are intended to be substitutes for designated drivers. Potential DDrink recipes were submitted by well-respected mixologists from well-respected bars and cocktail lounges throughout California. The 12 monthly featured drinks were selected based on creativity, seasonality and the use of interesting ingredients.

Designated drivers can visit the California Office of Traffic Safety’s social media web pages to jot down or print the recipe. Once out bar hopping, the DD can request the drink from the bartended.

According to the Director of the Office of Traffic Safety, Christopher J. Murphy, “[The] campaign is an exciting and innovative way to promote alternative drinks for the designated sober driver. These drinks are unique and were created by skilled bartenders throughout the state who recognize the importance of offering sober drivers a tastier drink option rather than resorting to the usual cola or plain water. By choosing to remain sober, drivers are helping to ensure that our streets are safer and lives are being spared.”

This month’s drink (and one that I’ve already written down the recipe to) is the Jalapeño Lemon Drop. The recipe for this and past DDrinks can be found on the Office of Traffic Safety’s Facebook page.

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