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Personal Disposable Breathalyzer


Sometimes designated drivers have a few beers themselves not intending on becoming drunk like their passenger counterparts. Unfortunately, sometimes two beers are too much to stay under 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. So how do you know if you’re on the cusp of the legal limit? Many people do not know that there are portable disposable breathalyzers on the market.

One such product is BreathScan. The BreathScan device is a small tube containing silicon crystals that are coated with a compound that changes color when contacted by ethanol in a person’s breath. BreathScan comes in different sensitivity levels. In other words, tubes can be bought separately to detect levels of intoxication at 0.02 percent, 0.04 percent, 0.05 percent, and 0.08 percent. BreathScan can be purchased online for a few dollars. An Ohio DUI Defense attorney has developed a similar device called “TESTorARREST”. Although the product serves to diminish his business, attorney Jeff Meadows said, “If it keeps people who are legally intoxicated off the road, I’d think that would be a good thing. I can’t see any negative to that.” It seems like it would be hard to find something to complain about regarding these products. Low and behold, Andrea Rehkamp, the spokeswoman for M.A.D.D. in Ohio responded to Meadow’s product by saying, “M.A.D.D. advocates planning ahead and designating a sober driver before consuming any alcohol. M.A.D.D. does not support the use of the personal alcohol tests to assist a driver in making decisions about his or her ability to safely operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages.” I disagree. Would you rather have people not knowing their blood alcohol before they decide to drive? Wouldn’t you rather people not drive because they know they’re above a 0.08 percent? Spend a few dollars, keep some in your glove box, and prevent a DUI. A few dollars sure beats the cost of defending a DUI charge.

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