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Are DUI classes enough?


Being convicted of DUI in Orange County means that you’ll most likely have to attend DUI classes as part of your punishment.  Drunk driving offenders in California must attend these DUI programs and classes in order to protect their future driving privileges or driver’s licenses.  The programs have been developed to support positive lifestyle changes.

However, going to these DUI classes may not be enough if you’ve already had multiple DUI arrests.

It’s time to get help with the drinking problem.  If you’ve gotten to the point where you feel that a change needs to be made, it’s time to connect with people who are dedicated to helping you.  With the right attitude and determination, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs can increase the chances for success.

If you do a Google search for “Orange County alcohol rehabilitation program”, you’ll find that there are many programs in the area that available to help.

If you know someone who you believe has a drinking problem, make it your mission to encourage them to get help!

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