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Man dressed as a “Breathalyzer Device” gets arrested for DUI


Local Police report the arrest of a nineteen-year-old male early in the morning immediately following Halloween.  The teenager was stopped for driving his Ford F-150 erratically and was soon arrested for suspicion of drunk driving in Los Angeles. The kicker is that the young man was dressed as a portable breathalyzer machine used by law enforcement during DUI investigations.

Despite the reading on his costume, his BAC was more than twice the legal limit for an adult. When police searched his truck they found a bottle of vodka and some beer. In addition to being booked for a DUI in Los Angeles County, he was charged with underage drinking.

I can only assume that law enforcement found the costume unique and entertaining, unfortunately, not enough so to keep them from ushering this gentleman home with handcuffs.  Halloween is a time when police forces are geared up to act vigilantly in the name of justice.  The practicality of the situation is that local governments often double or triple the amount of officers and police vehicles on the highways during these jovial times.  Always consider the risk of increased police presence and scrutiny around times like Super Bowl, Halloween, World Series, 4th of July, Cinco de Mayo, etc., and make sure you are always well below the legal level before driving a vehicle.

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