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Can police radio interfere with breath devices?


The simple answer is yes.  But, it also depends on the type breath machine that is used.  There are many reasons why incorrect results can be produced by breath machines.  Radio interference is just one of those many reasons.

Radio Frequency Interference is commonly referred to as RFI.  RFI can cause incorrect breath results by an electromagnetic energy.  Police radios are the type of device that produces electromagnetic energy.  There are other devices that cause this same energy, but you always find police radio where police are located.

Depending on the breath machine used by the particular police agency, a breath machine might have a RFI detector.  The obvious purpose of the RFI detector is to detect RFI signal.  This is assuming the detector is working properly.  How do we know if the RFI detector is working properly in a breath machine?  We don’t

So, I will leave you with one question only you can answer for yourself.  Do you trust that a breath machine will produce the correct result and exonerate you?

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