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No Probable Cause Necessary for DUI?


Police agencies across the country continue to deny that they employ DUI quotas — which force officers to make unjustified stops and/or arrests.  See, for example, DUI Quotas, Yes We Have No DUI Quotas and "Inside Edition" Documents DUI Quotas Across the U.S.   A few agencies, however, actually brag about them. 

Deputies Get Quota for Hoopfest DUI Patrols

Spokane, WA.  June 26 — Spokane County sheriff’s deputies have been asked to contact at least three motorists per hour this weekend as part of extra impaired driving patrols…

A Washington State Patrol Cessna plane will be above the city today and Sunday to catch impaired reckless drivers.  When the plane isn’t up, the sheriff’s helicopter will be.

The sheriff’s office has scheduled extra patrols for impaired drivers and boaters.  Deputies have been asked “to make at least three motorist contacts per hour and to have a zero tolerance for impaired drivers.”…

So…Stop at least three citizens every hour on suspicion of drunk driving — whether there is any sign of impaired driving or not!  

There goes "probable cause" and the Fourth Amendment again:  the "DUI Exception to the Constitution".

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