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An Interview….


Last week I granted an interview which touched on a broad range of interesting subjects.  Videotapes on YouTube of the 50-minute interview may be of interest to readers of this blog, both attorneys and laymen…. 

     DUI: The nature of the crime  (5:29)

     What is wrong with the present system of drunk driving laws and law enforcement?  (3:48)

     Are tougher DUI laws making it harder to defend a DUI client?  (5:49)

     What advice do you have for drivers who are stopped for a possible DUI?  (6:22)

     What are the most serious consequences of a drunk driving conviction?  (2:04)

     What are the best DUI defenses?  (3:26)

     Can you get a fair trial in a drunk driving case?  (3:28)

     How hard is it to get a DUI charge reduced?  (3:07)

     How can an attorney become more effective at defending DUI cases?  (2:08)

     You've created the term "the DUI Exception to the Constitution":  Do you see a growing loss of constitutional rights generally?  (3:26)

     What tips do you have for attorneys representing a DUI client today?  (2:33)

     How have you become the best-known DUI attorney in the country?  (2:58)

     Many years ago you decided to represent DUI clients exclusively:  Why?  (5:33)

The interview and taping was conducted by representatives from   

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