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Charity Watchdog Gives Madd Low Score


 In the "no comment necessary" department:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Receives "D" Score


Goose Creek, SC.  July 26 — Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is in the hot seat after a dismal score from the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP). The AIP Charity Guide and Watchdog Report gave MADD a "D" rating on a A-F scale in its 2010 report.

Based on the AIP Charity Rating Guide, MADD got such a low score because of its poor fundraising and spending practices.

According to the American Beverage Institute, in 2008 MADD spent almost $30 million on salaries, leaving just a third of its budget, or $15 million, for charitable work and victim services…

In response to the downgraded rating from the AIP Watchdog Report, MADD’s national office released the following statement:

"Our focus on drunk driving, underage drinking and victim services is stronger than ever. While methodologies for determining efficiency differ, we are proud to invest more than three fourths of our funds in programs to support people and save lives and continue to streamline our efforts to be fiscally responsible. Like many, we’ve experienced challenging economic times. Although we have saved almost 300,000 lives and counting, the problem of underage drinking and drunk driving is far from solved. This simply means we need the public’s assistance now more than ever."

Another well-known charity watchdog,
Charity Navigator, has previously rated MADD — giving it the lowest possible rating: 1 star out of 4. 

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