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Guarding The Guardians


In the "Who will guard the guardians?" department…

Activists want penalties for cops who protect colleagues who drive drunk

Tuckahoe, NJ.  Jan. 20 — Reacting to a Journal News report in which 10 local police officers admitted anonymously that cops often give other cops a break when they are found driving drunk, (Tuckahoe Police Chief) Costanzo and others said no slack should be granted in DWI cases.

Carol Sears, president of the Westchester chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, called the report "very disturbing."

"These are the people who are supposed to be protecting all of us," she said. "We put our trust in them to keep drunk drivers off the road, and it turns out that when they’re the drunk drivers, they’re being protected by other police officers."…

The issue comes in the wake of the arrests of White Plains Officer Joe Zepeda, Westchester Officer Joseph Kraus, Dobbs Ferry Officer Michael Huffman and county Correction Officer Patricia Yancy-Johnson on misdemeanor DWI charges following accidents within a three-week period. All four, who were off duty, refused to submit to chemical tests to determine blood-alcohol levels.

Sears said any officer who covers up for another officer should be brought up on charges.

"I’d like to see some agency or entity investigate this whole ‘blue wall of silence’ thing," she said.

Welcome to the real world, Miss Sears.  To add to your enlightenment, see a few of my earlier posts, such as Who Will Guard the Guardians?, The DUI Double Standard, The DUI Double Standard II and Who Guards the Guardians?.

(Thanks to Lance Mixon.)

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