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Cops with Needles


I’ve posted repeatedly in the past about a disturbing trend in DUI law enforcement: allowing cops to administer blood draws along the side of a road.  See, for example, Forced Blood Draws in Back Seats, Would You Want a Cop Taking Blood from You? and DUI Cops Now Armed with Guns, Batons and…Needles.  To be more graphic, the citizen pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is forcefully restrained (picture pinned down across the hood of the police car) while the arresting cop pulls out his syringe and digs around in the arm trying to find a vein.  

This painful and medically dangerous procedure, which started in Texas, Idaho and Utah, is slowly spreading across the country like a plague…and should be in your neighborhood soon.

Missouri House Passes DUI Bill

St. Louis, MO.  April 15  —  The Missouri House passed a DUI bill Wednesday that includes a provision giving police in Missouri the power to extract blood samples from suspected drunk drivers without a warrant…

The bill passed 123-28 in the House.  Opponents said taking blood samples without a warrant is unconstitutional.

Let’s hope you aren’t ever suspected — rightly or wrongly — of having a .08% blood-alcohol level.  And let’s hope you don’t "flunk the attitude test", resulting in what cops jokingly call "field-administered punishment" — such as digging around with a hypodermic needle. 

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