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Another “DUI SuperCop” Caught Framing Innocent Citizens


As I’ve indicated in previous posts, there is a growing phenomenon of cops across the country trying to get the acclaim, promotions and money that come with "DUI SuperCop" status — by framing innocent motorists.  See, for example, SuperCops…and SuperCons, SuperCops: The Smoking Gun and Another DUI SuperCop.  Here’s another one who simply happened to get caught:

Does Video Catch Cop in DUI Lie?

‘Blatant Falsehood’ – Video shows no staggering, swaying

Chicago, IL.  Mar. 11  — The video from top DUI cop Joe D. Parker’s squad car shows a man walking a straight line, without stumbling or flailing his arms.

But Parker, a Chicago Police officer who has won acclaim for being among the leading DUI enforcers in the state, told a different story in his police report.

He wrote that Raymond L. Bell lost his balance and used his arms to steady himself. And he arrested the 33-year-old Oak Lawn man on charges of driving under the influence, speeding and negligent driving.

Now, after reviewing the squad-car video, Cook County prosecutors have dropped the July 2008 charges against Bell.

And they’re considering filing criminal charges against the 59-year-old Parker, who is one of three Chicago cops whose prolific DUI-busting has now come under scrutiny. Dozens of DUI arrests by Parker alone are under review, sources say.

Prosecutors have charged one of those cops — Officer John Haleas — with trumping up a DUI case. A review of his DUI arrests led to 156 cases being dismissed, Daly said…

Chicago defense lawyers say there are two reasons police officers might cut corners or even lie to boost their DUI arrest numbers: First, they stand to profit from the resulting overtime for going to court on the cases; also, there are accolades to be had…

Records show that Parker himself was once arrested for DUI, charged with drunken driving on Feb. 17, 1996. That case was dismissed the following year.

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