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Burger With Fries…and Field Sobriety Tests


Want to know where we’re going with MADD’s hysterical "war on drunk driving"? 

DUI Deputies May Be Posted in Drive-Thrus

Tucson, AZ.  June 14  —  Drunken drivers with the late-night munchies soon could get more than just a burger and fries at the drive-through window.


The Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s new anti-drunken driving campaign — called Operation Would U Like Fries, or Operation WULF — hopes to put undercover deputies inside 24-hour fast-food restaurants to spot impaired drivers placing their orders, said Sgt. Doug Hanna, DUI unit supervisor.


If deputies notice someone with any of the classic symptoms of impairment — slurred speech, red or watery eyes, beer breath — they will radio a uniformed deputy stationed just outside, Hanna said.


The second deputy will then pull over the driver and, if field tests confirm what the officer at the drive-through suspected, arrest him or her for driving under the influence…


Is this latest Big Brother craziness really going to be effective in reducing the level of alcohol in drivers — or just their level of cholesterol?

DUI unit supervisor Hanna said Operation WULF is just another tool for law enforcement agencies to use in battling drunken driving. The more deputies out in the community — whether they are at checkpoints, on the roads, in liquor-serving establishments or at drive-through windows — the more likely the message will get out.



Ah…the old DUI roadblock justification: they may not work very well, but they’re great for "educating the public".


The next time you drive through a McDonald’s late at night, hungry, eyes reddened from fatigue…get ready for a few field sobriety tests along with your burger and fries.

(Thanks to Andre)

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