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DUI on a Horse – Charges Dropped


More idiocy from the “War on Drunk Driving” front…

Charges Dropped in “DUI On Horse” Case

Dalton, CA.  Aug. 1 (article originally published by News Channel 9) –Two men charged in for driving under the influence on a horse have had their charges dropped…

District Attorney Kermit McManus told the Citizen that it came down to distinctions in the case–between a vehicle and a horse.  McManus said a horse “did not meet the definition of a vehicle.”

Duh…..Lucky we have razor-sharp legal minds in the D.A.’s office to second-guess the boys in blue.

(Think this is a fluke?  See my my past posts, DUI on a Horse?, DUI on a Horse, Drunk Riding and New Law: A Horse is not a Vehicle.)   

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