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Ignition Interlocks Coming…as Standard Equipment


I’ve commented in the past about MADD’s love affair with ignition interlock devices (IIDs) — what the National President of MADD has characterized as the way to "literally wipe out drunk driving in the United States".  See New MADD Goal: All Cars Equipped with Breathalyzers.  And I’ve posted news stories about the automobile manufacturers gearing up to install these costly and ineffective mini-breathalyzers as standard equipment in all vehicles.  See All U.S. Cars to Have Ignition Interlock Devices?.  Not surprisingly, it turns out that three of MADD’s six most generous contributors are Generals Motors, Ford and Toyota.  See  Breathalyzers Soon Mandatory for All Cars, Toyota Announces DUI-Proof Cars and The Car in Your Future (Nissan).

Still doubt that the car in your future will require you to take breath tests before you can start it — and, with some models, periodically while you’re driving?  In yesterday’s news:

Obama Chooses MADD Official to Lead Safety Agency

Washington, DC.  April 8 — President Barack Obama has chosen a top official with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to lead a Transportation agency that oversees safety and fuel efficiency requirements for automakers.

Chuck Hurley was nominated Wednesday to become administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Hurley, a longtime safety advocate, has served as MADD’s chief executive officer since 2005 and worked for the National Safety Council and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

At MADD, Hurley urged states to adopt tougher drunken driving laws and require first-time offenders to use ignition interlock devices on their cars. The devices require drivers to blow into an instrument that measures alcohol and prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds a certain level…

The organization has received funding from several auto companies, including General Motors Corp., Toyota Motor Corp., Ford Motor Co. and others. The General Motors Foundation provided MADD and MADD-related programs with $133,000 in grants in 2007, according to financial records filed with the IRS.

What do you think Mr. Hurley’s first order of business will be?

(For why you don’t want an IID in your next car, read my posts Ignition Interlock Devices: Dangerous but Profitable and MADD Announces End to Drunk Driving: A Reply.) 

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