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Dui Convictions Treated As Violent Felonies


"Don't drink and drive", as MADD keeps telling us.  Beat your wife or burglarize a house instead.  If you're caught, you're much better off…. 

DUI Convictions Can't Be Erased

Nashville, TN   Nov. 24  —  What can a drug user, wife beater and burglar do that someone convicted of driving under the influence can't?

Under Tennessee law, all but DUI offenders are eligible to have their criminal records wiped clean. Such harsh terms normally apply only to the most violent perpetrators, such as murderers and sexual predators.

But Nashville attorney Doug Thurman is among several defense lawyers who say DUI arrests stay on a person's record all because of a law that is politically motivated and needs to be changed.

"A DUI is going to be held against you for the rest of your life,'' Thurman said.

He says it's not right that felons are allowed to get a chance at having their records wiped clean when first-time DUI offenders, who've been convicted of a misdemeanor charge, can't…

"I think DUI offenders are the whipping children of the legislature," Nashville attorney Patrick Frogge said. "They're easy targets and there's an effective lobbying organization that keeps DUIs on the legislature's agenda."…

"They could have just as easily committed homicide," Laura Dial, executive director of MADD of Tennessee, said of the first-time DUI offenders. "It's vehicular homicide, which is murder. So, they got lucky when they decided to drive drunk and they didn't kill someone and then become convicted of vehicular homicide or vehicular assault.''…

Hmmmm….So if it could have been a more serious offense, then it should be treated as one.  'Still don't think MADD has succeeded in creating a "DUI Exception" to our Constitution and laws?

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