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Another DUI SuperCop – Cases Dropped


The latest in the endless parade of DUI SuperCops….

Lawsuit Targets Cop Tied to Dropped DUI Cases

Chicago, IL.  –  A Chicago police officer whose alleged misconduct has caused dozens of DUI cases to be dismissed was sued Monday by a man he arrested last summer.

Officer John Haleas was disciplined this month for failing to follow procedures in a DUI stop, leading to 50 cases being dropped by Cook County prosecutors.

In a proposed class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, Noe Martinez alleged he was arrested for DUI after he left a Chicago tavern but before he had even started up his car…

“Basically, this officer has manufactured really countless false charges and lied under oath in the prosecution of those charges in literally hundreds of cases,” said Martinez’s attorney, Jon Erickson.

Haleas did not administer a sobriety test until at the Grand Central District police station, Martinez contended, and testing was inconclusive. Martinez was released but still charged with DUI, the suit said.  In reports filed in the case, Haleas alleged Martinez was driving and refused to take a breath test…

Police have said Haleas was given a one-day suspension and was reassigned to desk duty. He had been honored as one of the leading officers in Illinois in the number of DUI arrests logged.

As long as you keep having quotas, promotions and MADD “Top Cop” awards, you’re going to have hundreds of “SuperCops” out there falsely arresting thousands of citizens for drunk driving.

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