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 The latest thinking from the DUI bureaucracy…

New Jersey Star-Ledger
, March 10 – In a quick about-face, the Attorney General’s Office issued revised procedures yesterday for police administering the Alcotest 7110 to suspected drunken drivers after 2 a.m. tomorrow, when daylight-saving time arrives three weeks earlier than in the past.

The procedures are designed to compensate for the Alcotest’s software, which is programmed to automatically convert to daylight-saving time on April 1. Until then, it will record test times that appear to be an hour earlier than actually given…

To cope with that situation, the new directive instructs police to convert the time of arrest to Eastern Standard Time — an hour earlier than Eastern Daylight Time — until April 1, when the machines will be back in sync with clocks.

The new policy was announced after The Star-Ledger reported on an earlier plan to deal with the time change problem and the objections it had drawn.

That plan required police to wait an additional hour before administering the test…

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