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A DUI SuperCop


Here we go again:

Cop Keeps Breaking Record for DUI Arrests

Lynwood, WA.  March 15 — As the work week winds down on a Friday night in Lynnwood, Mark Brinkman’s shift is just starting.  He’s been an officer of the law for 19 years and he never knows what the night will bring. But he can almost guarantee one thing:

“I don’t think a Friday night’s gone by where I haven’t got at least two DUI arrests,” he said.

He’s got numbers to back him up. The average police officer makes about 20 DUI arrests each year. Last year, Officer Brinkman made 243 – more than 10 times the average…


Reminds me of a CHP cop here in Southern California.  Makes twice as many DUI arrests as anyone else on night patrol.  Makes twice as much money, too: nice home, nice car, kids go to private schools.  How?   Overtime: he spends days in courthouses.  Why?  Well, if it’s a good arrest, you’re probably going to plead guilty or plea bargain — and no need for the officer’s testimony.  But if it’s a bad arrest….

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