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The War on Drunk Driving Continues…Golf Cart Arrest


The latest from the front lines:

Woman on Golf Cart Arrested for DUI

Rapid City, SD (Nov. 9) AP – A Keystone woman was arrested early Thursday for DUI – after she was stopped while driving a golf cart.

A Rapid City police officer was on patrol around midnight when he met a woman on a golf cart driving on the road. The police report said the officer put on his emergency lights and tried to stop the golf cart because it had no lights and was a threat to traffic. The driver would not stop at first but finally did after she realized she couldn’t outrun the squad car, according to police.

The officer smelled alcohol on her breath and tried to draw a blood sample as part of the new mandatory blood test, but when the woman became uncooperative, it took a couple of officers to hold her so they could get the blood sample, the police report said.

Let’s see, the police version is that this woman tried to outrun a squad car in a golf cart? And then two cops manhandled this fleeing desperado — while the angry arresting cop (a highly trained medical professional, no doubt) jabbed a needle (under sterile conditions, no doubt) into her arm, probing (gently, no doubt) for a vein? (I can’t imagine why she would be “uncooperative” under those conditions.) And the only reason for this violent blood draw was that she was driving a golf cart without lights and had an odor of alcohol on her breath? I wonder what her version is?

In police circles, this is known as “flunking the attitude test”…followed by summary execution of punishment.

(Thnaks to Hockey Bobc.)

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