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MADD Bill Introduced: .05%


For a look into the (near) future, the following is from a MADD Canada press release:

MP’s Bill Will Establish New Impaired

Driving Law at 0.05% BAC Level

MP Ron Cannan has support of MADD Canada in efforts to reduce 
risk of death and injury on Canadian roads

Oakville, Ontario. Oct. 31 – A Private Members Bill to set a new 0.05% BAC legal limit for drinking and driving was introduced today by Kelowna British Columbia MP Ron Cannan.

MADD Canada supports the MP’s initiative because it will ‘significantly reduce the numbers of Canadians being killed and injured in impaired driving crashes.’…The MADD Canada Legal Director explains: "The proposed .05% BAC offence is designed to deter impaired driving without being unduly punitive, or creating greater burdens on the police and the courts. The ticket option of pleading guilty without having to go to court may discourage accused persons from needlessly challenging the charges."

The important thing is to "discourage" folks from "challenging the charges" and not "burden" the police and courts.

MADD’s next step on the road to Prohibition, of course, is to simply extend the so-called zero tolerance (.01%-.02%) laws for drivers under 21 to all of us.

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