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The Dui Coverup


The following article pretty much speaks for itself:

Patrol: Ohio Trooper Wasn't Drinking

COLUMBUS, Oct 31. Associated Press – A highway patrolman who crashed into a pickup last month, killing himself and two others, had not been drinking even though an autopsy showed alcohol in his system, officials said Tuesday.

An analysis conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration on trooper Joshua Risner found he did not drink any alcohol at least 16 hours before his death, the State Highway Patrol said in a statement. The finding contradicts an earlier post-crash autopsy that found Risner's blood-alcohol level was 0.08 percent, the level at which a person is considered drunk under Ohio law.

"This test tells us that alcohol got into his system post-mortem, after death," patrol Col. Paul McClellan said…

Try selling that if the guy hadn't been a cop. (Coincidentally, I would guess this "investigation" protects the government from liability for the two deaths caused by the on-duty officer.) (Thanks to B. Coddington.)

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