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Never Snitch On A President


Probably just a coincidence, but….

Bin Laden Costume and Toy Gun Bring Arrest

South Portland, Maine. Nov. 1, AP – The lawyer who divulged President Bush’s drunken-driving arrest days before the 2000 election was arrested at gunpoint yesterday after he was seen on a highway construction site carrying a toy gun while dressed in an Osama bin Laden costume.

Tom Connolly, 49, of Scarborough, was charged with criminal threatening after he stood at the site visible to commuters on Interstate 295 while wearing the Halloween costume and waving a sign…

“There was a First Amendment this morning when I woke up. I don’t know how it evaporated with the dawn,” said Connolly, who drew national attention when he was identified as the Democrat who tipped off the media to Bush’s 1976 drunken-driving arrest in Kennebunkport.

Connolly has been known for wearing costumes to make political statements, typically donning a Bush mask and dancing for passing motorists.

(Thanks to Donald Ramsell.)

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