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What Is Wrong With Todays Drunk Driving Laws And Law Enforcement

Lawrence Taylor(retired) discusses the overall inconsistencies in today’s DUI system, which he credits mostly to the inaccurate methodologies and procedures that are used within the system. The DUI system often causes citizens’ constitutional rights to be violated and the system as a whole depends on methodologies that are simply inaccurate. Most of the evidence produced in a DUI case is based on the inaccurate breath test and the credibility and honesty of the arresting police officer. Most police officers are honest and credible, but there is an innate characteristic in DUI cases for the arresting officer to alter the evidence, thus making their case look better. There is proof that there are real inconsistencies in the DUI system based on three studies done by major universities, which concluded that trained police officers were no better than untrained bartenders in recognizing levels of intoxication.