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Many Years Ago You Decided To Represent DUI Clients Exclusively Why

Lawrence Taylor (retired) explains why he decided to specialize in DUI defense exclusively and why he enjoys practicing this area of the law. Mr. Taylor was formerly a general criminal law defense attorney for a number of years. After some time, he felt that he did not relate to and was not getting much satisfaction out of defending people who were accused of such crimes as rape, murder, drug dealing, etc. In other words, he felt as if he was not accomplishing much in his life as a general criminal defense attorney. After he decided to focus exclusively on DUI defense, he felt that he could relate to the clients who were coming to see him and he felt great satisfaction in defending them. Most of his DUI clients were just ordinary individuals who had gotten into some trouble, unlike his former clients who were involved in habitual criminal conduct. Mr. Taylor felt that in defending DUI defendants he was a defender of the constitution and the common everyday man. This brought him a real sense of accomplishment. Although Mr. Taylor has written two books on DUI law, including some seven editions, he says he still learns something every day he practices and that his job as a DUI defense attorney is very fulfilling.