Drunk Driving Defense, DUI Arrest - FAQs

4. What physical and behavioral symptoms does an officer look for when he first pulls me over?

Police officers are trained to looks for specific signs:

  • A flushed, or red, face
  • Red, watery, glassy and/or bloodshot eyes
  • Alcohol breath
  • Incoherent or slurred speech
  • Struggling to retrieve their license from a wallet
  • Inability to comprehend the officer's questions
  • Difficulty when exiting the vehicle
  • Unable to stay balanced while standing
  • Using the vehicle for stand support
  • Aggressive or other inappropriate attitude
  • Soiled, rumpled, disorderly clothing
  • Inability to keep balance while walking
  • No knowledge of time or current location
  • Inability to comprehend and/or follow directions

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