Drunk Driving Defense, DUI Arrest - FAQs

15. What are the penalties for driving while intoxicated?

There are many different factors involved in each individual case. A definitive answer to this question is not simple. While the particulars of cases and penalties differ from court to court, a first offense (with no “enhancements”, refer to #16) will include these penalties:

  • A fine of approximately $1,700
  • 3, 6, or 9 months of enrollment and attendance in a DUI class
  • Probation up to three years
  • 90 day license restriction (Note: this is in addition to the DMV suspension you may receive)
  • A jail sentence of 4 days to 6 months.

Second and subsequent offenses will trigger longer jail terms and longer license suspensions or revocations. Additional penalties include community service, AA meetings, and ignition interlock devices.

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