Drunk Driving Defense, DUI Arrest - FAQs

20. I still have questions about my DUI case. Where can I get more help?

The best source to answer any questions is a fully qualified DUI defense lawyer. But there are still other sources of information available:

  • Law libraries. Here you can study blood alcohol analysis and DUI law.
  • There is plenty of information in one of Mr. Taylor's books:
    • California Drunk Driving Defense
      4th Edition

      Minneapolis: West Publishing, 2008. Hard bound, 1168 pages. Supplemented annually. To order, call the publisher at 800.328.4880 or 800.344.5009.
    • Drunk Driving Defense
      6th Edition

      New York: Aspen Law and Business, 2006. Loose bound, 1241 pages. Supplemented annually. The best-selling book on the subject, it is considered the standard text. To order, call the publisher at 800.638.8437 or 800.234.1660.

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