Drunk Driving Defense, DUI Arrest - FAQs

12. Am I allowed to represent myself during proceedings? How does retaining an attorney help me?

The charges involved in drunken driving are a complex subject and can be difficult to follow. The penalties are becoming gradually more severe and dealing with a case includes a range of administrative license, sentencing, evidentiary, constitutional, and procedural affairs.

A general attorney will have little to offer or possibly even hurt your case because they are generally unqualified or inexperienced for such a particular field. Comparing a general attorney to a DUI defense attorney is much like comparing a family practitioner to a brain surgeon. A qualified DUI lawyer can do several things to help improve your situation. A DUI attorney knows many of the particulars involved and can request measurements and maintenance records of the breath machine and have blood samples reanalyzed. They can also challenge evidence, look for possible flaws in the case, negotiate reduced penalties and sentences, contest the administrative license suspension, or obtain expert witnesses for the case. An experienced DUI attorney can be very beneficial to you with your case.

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