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How Many DUI Arrests Are There in a Year?


 In the "Did you know…?" department, we’ve been getting a lot of traffic and inquiries concerning the "DUI Statistics" section of my DUI defense law firm’s website.  A brief sampling of interesting facts and figures:

– How many drivers were arrested in the U.S. for DUI in 2010?   (1.41 million) 

– What was the estimated number of times drivers drove drunk in 2010?  (112 million)

– How many drunk driving arrests were there in California in 2010?   (195,879)

– What percent of DUI arrests were of women?   (22.4%)

– What is the median age of drivers arrested for DUI?   (30 years old)

– What percent of DUI offenders originally convicted in 1994 reoffended at least once by 2010?   (31%)

– Statistically, what is your chance of being involved in a DUI accident in your lifetime?   (33%) 

For further interesting facts and statistics concerning drunk driving in the United States, visit our website at California’s Premier DUI Defense Attorneys.

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