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Can I Find Out Where and When There Will Be Sobriety Checkpoints?


As most of us are aware, this past 3-day St. Patrick's Day weekend was filled with parties, revelry…and DUI sobriety checkpoints.  As most of us are also aware, these can be irritating, frightening and/or cause traffic delays.

So, I've been asked repeatedly, is there any way I can find out where checkpoints are going to be held in my town?

Yes.  As the U.S. Supreme Court held in the landmark case of Michigan vs. Sitz, which established an exception to the Fourth Amendment for sobriety checkpoints.  See DUI Sobriety Checkpoints: Unconstitutional?  Police agencies, however, are required to publish advance notice of where and when they are to be held.  

Law Enforcement, of course, has been reluctant to tip off driver to this information.  Accordingly, many if not most agencies will publish the locations and times in the back pages of small local newspapers.  Fortunately, however, the internet has proven a valuable source for ferreting out this information.

So….how do you get this information?  Easy, if you are in California:  visit the "Sobriety Checkpoints" section of my law firm's popular DUI defense website.  Along with information about sobriety checkpoints generally, there are links to lists of checkpoints scheduled in most Southern California counties.

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