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What percent of drunk drivers are female?


Have you ever wondered what the statistics are for drunk driving?  Have you ever thought, for example, “I wonder what percent of people arrested for drunk driving are female”?  Or, “What is the average age of drivers arrested for DUI“?

Well, now the answers are readily available in clearly displayed graphics — at my own 5-attorney DUI defense firm‘s extensive legal resource center.  In a section entitled (appropriately) DUI Statistics, the answers to these questions are displayed, along with dozens of others such as:

     What is the average age  of individuals arrested for drunk driving?

     How many people are arrested annually in the United States?

     What percent of those arrested for DUI are African-American?

     Approximately how many Americans drive under the influence of alcohol per day?

     What is the average blood alcohol level of drivers arrested for DUI?

     What is the recidivism rate — that is, the percentage of  drunk drivers convicted a second time?

     What is the statistical chance of your being involved in a DUI-related crash in your lifetime?

The statistics, chart and graphics are conveniently displayed according to categories of  DUI rates by gender (male or female), age, race or ethnicity of drunk drivers and geography of drunk driving. 

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