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More Crime Lab Breath Testing Errors Discovered In Orange County


I posted a few days ago about recently-discovered flaws in the Orange County (California) Crime Lab's breath calibration procedures.  This resulted in hundreds of citizens who were convicted on the basis of inaccurate breath test results — falsely high results.  See 900 Convicted of DUI in Orange County – Using Inaccurate Breath Tests.  

Apparently, further investigation has discovered more extensive defects in the crime lab's procedures. From the Los Angeles Times:

O.C. Crime Lab Finds More Errors in DUI Testing

The Sheriff and Board of Supervisors have asked the state health department to review the lab's standard's and procedures

Orange County, CA.  Nov. 22 — State officials are being asked to review the work of the Orange County Crime Lab after more errors were found in its blood-alcohol testing — mistakes that could potentially affect dozens of DUI cases.

The new discoveries come just weeks after the lab acknowledged inaccurate blood-alcohol test results in 2,200 driving-under-the-influence cases. Prosecutors responded by sending letters to drivers charged with DUIs, including 900 who already had been convicted.

Now, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and the county Board of Supervisors have requested that the state department of health review the lab's procedures and case standards and present the results to elected leaders, officials said…

Do you really think these errors don't occur — undetected — in the crime labs where you live?  How would you know?  And how many innocent citizens have been falsely convicted based on such false evidence?

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