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Federal Pressure on States to Lower Limit to .05% “Falling Flat”


I've posted recently about the Federal government's attempt to pressure the states to lower the blood-alcohol level from .08% to .05%.  See Federal Agency Recommends New DUI Limit: .05% and Reactions to the Fed's New .05% Limit   Presumably, the Feds intend to follow the same tactic as they did in eventually getting all states to lower the BAC level from .10% to .08%:  threaten them with the withholding of all highway funds.

If a recent meeting of the governors of those states is any indication, the bullying approach may not work.  From yesterday's Washington Times:  

Federal Push to Lower DUI Levels Falls Flat with States

Washington, DC.  July 15 — A federal attempt to lower driving-under-the-influence blood alcohol limits is falling flat in the states and even groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving are not advocating for it.

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending the legal limit drop from .08 to .05. The justification: Drivers with .08 alcohol levels have twice the chance of getting in a wreck as drivers with .05 levels.

But MADD isn’t endorsing — and neither is the Governors Highway Safety Association, The Hill reported.

“We don’t see any state going to .05,” said Jonathan Adkins, deputy executive director for the governor’s safety group, in The Hill. “This doesn’t seem to be getting any traction.”

States would have to approve any laws to lower the limit.

And Indiana state Rep. Terri Austin said that doesn’t look likely.

“I think legislators are going to want to have a pretty compelling case,” he said, in The Hill.

You know the Feds are in trouble when even MADD is not supporting the lower level.  But don't discount the power of bureaucrats when they hold the purse strings.

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