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HRUI – Horse Riding Under the Influence


I’ve talked about cycling under the influence, boating under the influence, and even rafting under the influence. But here’s a new one. A Kentucky man was arrested last week for riding a horse under the influence.

Danny Reynolds of Jessamine County, Kentucky was riding his horse near his home when he stopped to take a break. That’s when a Jessamine County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped Reynolds.  Reynolds said, “I’m severely diabetic, so I stopped to eat some crackers to bring my sugar levels down when the deputy arrived and told me to get off my horse.”

I wonder if the deputy’s suspicion came from seeing the horse swerving on the trail.

Although Reynolds admitted to having a couple of beers while celebrating his son’s birthday, he claims that his diabetes made him light-headed when the deputy told him to get off his horse. It was for this reason that Reynolds staggered when he got off the horse. The deputy then arrested him.

The citation stated that Reynolds’ blood alcohol content was twice the legal limits. Additionally, the arresting officer stated that upon searching Reynolds’ pockets, he found rolling papers and a baggie of marijuana. The deputy also found several beers in the saddle bag and a mason jar of moonshine.

Chief Deputy Allen Peel justified the arrest by stating, “It’s a very unique case, but he could have swerved into a car, causing danger to himself and others.”

Think a law like this can only exist in a state like Kentucky? Think again.

California Vehicle Code section 21050 states, “Every person riding or driving an animal upon a highway…is subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle…”

Next time you decide to “drive” your animal down the street, be sure to so while sober because you apparently are a “danger” to the other motorists and pedestrians on the road.

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