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Busted for Riding a Horse Under the Influence


Just when you thought MADD's "War on Alcohol" — I mean "War on Drunk Driving" — had reached the limits of insanity….

Kentucky Man Charged with Riding Under the Influence

Lexington, KY.  September 19, 2012 — A Kentucky man was arrested for driving under the influence in what deputies have called unusual circumstances. The man was riding a horse.

Danny Reynolds was riding his horse on a rural road near his house about 8 miles south of Nicholasville in Jessamine County.

Sheriff's deputies told the 55-year-old to get down from his horse. They said he staggered while dismounting the animal. Reynolds said he staggered because he was severely diabetic and feeling light-headed.

Officials said tests showed Reynolds' blood-alcohol level was two time over the legal limit. The arresting officer also found rolling papers and marijuana in his pockets.

Reynolds told CBS affiliate WKYT he drank a couple beers to celebrate his son's birthday, but did not think he was drunk. He said he normally doesn't drink.

According to the arrest report, "(Reynolds) had several beers in his saddle bag and a mason jar which he identified as moonshine."

Chief Deputy Allen Peel admitted it was a unique case, but the deputies were concerned about Reynolds' safety.

"He could have swerved into a car, causing danger to himself and others," said Peel.

Reynolds was charged with operating a non-motor vehicle under the influence, possession of marijuana and drug possession.

"I really didn't mean to cause any harm," Reynolds said. "I definitely learned my lesson and I hope other riders pay attention."

Similar cases have happened in Tennessee. A woman was arrested in 2009 while riding a horse in the Shelbyville Christmas parade. She was charged with public intoxication.

And if you think this Kentucky case is an isolated aberration, see my posts DUI on a Horse? (Pennsylvania),  DUI on a Horse (California), DUI on a Horse (Alabama) and Drunk Riding (Colorado).

What's next, riding a bicycle drunk? Or maybe driving a Zamboni on an empty ice rink under the influence?  Or a lawn mower?  Or even DUI in a wheelchair?

Ridiculous, you say?  See Felony Bicycle DUI, Zamboni DUI, More News from the Front (lawn mower) and DUI in a Wheelchair. 


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