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The Old Story: Cops Covering for Cops


Police officers continue their MADD-inspired "War on Drunk Driving", setting up DUI roadblocks and roving patrols, meeting DUI quotas, and nailing anyone remotely suspected of driving under the influence….unless it's another cop.

It's long been a common practice for cops to cover-up for other cops, of course, particularly where drunk driving is involved.  And I've posted repeatedly in the past about this "Blue Code".  See, for example, The Unwritten Code, The Blue Code: Cover-Up of a Cover-Up, The DUI Double Standard and Guarding the Guardians. 

But the Code continues….

SAPD Investigating 7 Officers After Alleged Drunk Driving Accident, Attempted Cover-Up, San Antonio, TX.  Feb. 6 — The San Antonio Police department has launched an investigation into seven of its officers after an apparent alcohol-related crash and a possible cover up, San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus said.

Chief McManus said the off-duty sergeant was apparently driving under the influence, headed north in an unmarked patrol car on Highway 281 and crashed into a barrier near Josephine at about 5:30 Thursday morning. The sergeant wandered away from the vehicle to a building several blocks away, where security guards called police.

McManus said a "number of improprieties" were found involving six responding officers during the initial investigation, including an attempt to take the sergeant home and remove evidence from the car.

The sergeant is a 20 year veteran of the force who had been working the night before the accident and some of his officials responded, McManus said. The sergeant's blood was drawn "within hours" of the accident but he was not arrested.

"I don't take this lightly. I take this very, very seriously and I think our actions have proven it," said McManus.

McManus would not identify any of the officers involved and he would not release the results of the blood or urine test. He also wouldn't detail what lead up to the accident or where the sergeant was headed.

The responding lieutenant, three sergeants and two officers are being investigated, he said. The sergeant driving the vehicle is on administrative leave and the six others on administrative duty. McManus said the criminal and internal investigations are ongoing.

An officer at the scene who reported the incident is not facing any charges.

Maybe there's hope.  One of the eight cops decided not to dishonor the oath he took when he put on a badge.

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