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Glendora Pd Cashing In On Dui Grant


Here is a recent article by the Glendora Patch, concerning nearly three quarters of a million dollars being spent on increased DUI enforcement.  An interesting questions to ask is, where do the proceeds go from the arrests generated by the $700k spent on this campaign.  The state continues to pour resources into the prosecution of those arrested for DUI, I feel we as the tax paying base need to question whether the goal is really to reduce the amount of drunk drivers on the road, or to fill the coffers.

The Glendora Police Department received a $691,000 grant by the California Office of Traffic Safety to continue coordinating the countywide anti-DUI Avoid the 100 task force.

Read below for the article.

The Avoid the 100 campaigns target drivers under the influence by setting up DUI checkpoints and patrols throughout Los Angeles County.

The Avoid the 100 task force, named after the 100 law enforcement agencies participating in the program, conducts several anti-DUI campaigns throughout the year – especially during holidays, or times when law enforcement usually see a higher number of intoxicated drivers.

During the 2011-2012 winter DUI campaign, 2,433 DUI arrests were made, up slightly from the 2,406 arrests made the year before.

“Drunk driving is one of the most frequently committed dangerous crimes in the United States,” said Glendora Police Chief Rob Castro, “And with the continued grant funding for the Avoid the 100 DUI Taskforce, we will proceed with our mission of saving lives and bringing awareness to our communities.”

Officers will be staffing DUI/driver license checkpoints, multi-agency DUI task force deployments, and local DUI saturation patrols for each partnering city. The funding will also be used to target the ‘worst of the worst’ repeat DUI offenders with warrant/probation sweeps and court sting enforcement operations. These operations will focus on DUI offenders who leave court hearings and drive away on suspended licenses.

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