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“Tool Time” actor arrested for DUI


In yet another example of how the actors and movie stars right in our back yard are not above the law, Taran Noah Smith, the youngest actor from the hit series Tool Time, was arrested for DUI early February 1st.  We live in a city where people often feel the “A” class gets better treatment, and I would have to say that I might have the tendency to agree with  general consensus.  The attached article illustrates that law enforcements crack down on DUI’s in Los Angeles is a continuing enterprise, and we should all govern ourselves accordingly.

The littlest “Tool Time” tyke, Taran Noah Smith, now 27, was arrested in Los Angeles County early this morning for DUI and possession of narcotics, according to a TMZ exclusive.

Smith, who played Tim Allen’s youngest son, the character of Mark Taylor, on “Home Improvement,” was arrested Wednesday morning around 1 a.m.

Cops believe he was under the influence of marijuana during his arrest. The police also found hash (a type of marijuana) during a search.

Smith was booked for the DUI and drug possession charge (which is a felony under California state law).

As Mark Taylor, the youngest member of the Taylor family, Smith’s character was an innocent parent-pleaser who morphed into a black-clad outcast teen as the series progressed.

His real life isn’t without its turns of fortune, either. According to the Associated Press, Smith gained control of a $1.5 million trust fund in 2002. He accused his parents of spending his earnings to buy themselves a mansion.

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