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Cop Admits: Half of DUI Arrests Are Not Intoxicated


Piercing the veil of reliability in DUI investigations…..

Evidence Suppressed in Lawmaker's DUI

Philadelphia, PA.  Nov. 2 — A state prosecutor is criticizing a Philadelphia judge's decision to suppress evidence in the arrest of a Philadelphia lawmaker on suspicion of drunken driving.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the DUI charge against Rep. Cherelle Parker will be dropped if Judge Charles Hayden's decision Tuesday isn't appealed.

The state attorney general's office handled the case at the request of Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.  Deputy Attorney General Marc Costanzo says he's surprised a judge found two police officers less credible than someone who failed a breath-alcohol test. He said his office will decide whether to appeal within 30 days.

Hayden says he's troubled that one officer changed her testimony, while another testified that only about half the people he's arrested for DUI were found to be intoxicated.

The only thing I find surprising about this is that the cop admitted it. 

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