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Driving Under the Influence of…Bath Salts?


Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous….

DUI Arrest May Be a First; Case Seen as a Legal Challenge

Wilkes-Barre, PA.  March 31 — The arrest of a Throop woman on evidence of driving under the influence of bath salts is believed to be the first in the region and possibly the state.

As the case against Michele Pace, 39, begins a slow process through the court system, a defense lawyer believes there is a good chance it may end sooner than later.

City police charged Pace as the driver of a Chevrolet that was pursued from the busy intersection of Kidder and Scott streets to George Avenue on Monday. Police alleged Pace was swerving in traffic and nearly struck a utility pole and other vehicles before being boxed in a driveway by a detective and another officer, according to charges filed.

Police said in the criminal complaint that Pace and a passenger, Donna Zilla, 40, of Dunmore, were under the influence of bath salts. Two children in the vehicle were not injured, police said.

Pace and Zilla “appeared highly euphoric, aggressive and agitated. They were unable to control simple body movements, and when answering questions, both were flailing and talking quickly,” the complaint says.

Pace was charged with driving under the influence of bath salts…

"Friends don’t let friends bathe and drive!" 
(Thanks to David Baker.)

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