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The Next Step in “The War on Drunk Driving”?


I suppose it was inevitable….

Passengers Get Prison Terms in Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

Saitama, Japan.  Feb. 15 — Two men were sentenced to two years in prison Monday for abetting a fatal traffic accident caused by another man who had given the pair

a ride in his car after drinking alcohol in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture, in 2008.

The Saitama District Court ruled that the two men's consent to the third man's offer to give them a lift had encouraged him to drive, despite their obligation to stop him

from getting behind the wheel while under the influence…

In the ruling, presiding Judge Makoto Tamura said the two men's acceptance of the driver's offer after drinking together had helped him to decide to drive.

Prosecutors had demanded eight years' imprisonment for both. Oshima and Sekiguchi had pleaded innocent during their trial.

The focus of the trial was whether the pair were aware that the driver had been intoxicated at the time, and whether they had turned a blind eye to his drunken driving…

Guess what Mothers Against Drunk Driving's next brilliant idea will be to end drunk driving driving?

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