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Film A Cop And Go To Prison


I posted a couple of weeks ago about the disturbing trend toward prosecuting citizens for recording cops with such devices as cell phones — even if they are engaged in illegal conduct such as beating a helpless person.  See Taping a Cop Making an Arrest is a Felony.  The following news article contains an interesting video from the CATO Institute of police filmed by citizens. 

Police Continue to Harass Citizens Who Record Them 

Wash. DC.  Sept. 13  — A number of cases show how police continue to misunderstand citizens’ rights to record their behavior, and they’re now neatly compiled into a video from the Cato Institute.

The Examiner editorialized on the subject in June, noting that those who record police frequently are “more of a threat to the jobs of public safety officers than to public safety itself. One is not the same as the other.” State legislatures should start addressing this issue to prevent more misunderstandings and wrongful arrests.  

One has to wonder how recording from a distance interferes with the officer's duites?  Why wouldn't police and prosecutors welcome any clear evidence of the truth?  What are they trying to hide?

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