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Unveiling…My New Author Website


Please excuse the blatant self-promotion, but…..

Most of the readers of this blog are aware that I’m the author of two books on DUI laws, procedures and evidence:  Drunk Driving Defense, 6th edition (I wrote the original edition 31 years ago) and California Drunk Driving Defense, 4th edition.  Unrelated to the DUI field, however, I’ve also written ten other books: 

Trail of the Fox (Simon and Schuster)

Handling Criminal Appeals (Thomson West)

To Honor and Obey (William Morrow)

Born to Crime (Greenwood Press)

The D.A. (William Morrow)

Eyewitness Identification (Michie)

A Trial of Generals (Icarus Press)

Scientific Interrogation (Michie)

Setting Sail (Icarus)

Witness Immunity (Charles C. Thomas)

Some of these are legal textbooks for attorneys, others are trade books (true crime, etc.) written for the general public — some of which have had film rights sold. 

My publishers have for some time encouraged me to develop a website devoted to these books.  After considerable procrastination on my part, website designers have finally unveiled the new site, cleverly entitled:  Author Lawrence Taylor.  The site includes content or plot summaries of the 12 books, reviews from book critics, publisher information, biography of the author (yours truly) and, most importantly, where to purchase copies.

I invite you to visit the site….and buy lots of my books!

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